Follow the Lead™

From the first inquiry to the close, Lead Tracking Solutions solves the age old problem of the "lead black hole™".

Created by Lead Tracking Solutions, the PopCard™ is patented and a complete lead tracking and lead management software solution.

Lead Tracking Solutions provides a lead tracking and management tool designed to help professionals convert sales and rental leads by:

  • Providing real-time notification of leads right on your desktop
  • Capturing advertising source and prospect information automatically on every lead
  • Providing automated follow-up tools to turn your leads into customers
  • Managing your employees
  • Identifying the best performing advertising and maximizing your dollars

The PopCard™ delivers all of this right to your desktop. In a split second, you can identify the prospects who are about to contact you - even before the phone rings.

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Follow the Lead™ and Gain the Advantage.

Lead Tracking Solutions
Yardi Acquires the PopCard (April 3, 2012)
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