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April 3, 2012

Lead Tracking Solutions
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Yardi today announced its acquisition of Lead Tracking Solutions (LTS),creator of the PopCard™, a patented and complete lead tracking and lead management software solution. With the acquisition, Yardi Voyager™ clients will have the opportunity to add the PopCard's fully integrated lead-to-lease solution that automates the tracking of rental prospects and helps maximize marketing dollars.

The PopCard automatically captures prospect leads and instantly alerts users when new leads arrive. Users can view traffic sources and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, with immediate reporting available at the click of an icon. The PopCard includes built-in follow-up tools for turning leads into leases, and helps manage employee response and effectiveness.

"With its prospect and customer relationship management capabilities, the PopCard represents our latest addition to our end-to-end multifamily platform," said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi. "Automating prospect management with the PopCard will further help our clients increase efficiency and marketing productivity."

LTS' staff will be retained by Yardi in their current location to assure a seamless transition.

October 20, 2008

Lead Tracking Solutions - Orange County Business Journal
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Lead Tracking Solutions has been doubling its business each year with subscriptions to its software that allows sales teams to be more efficient.

The Costa Mesa-based company is primarily owned by Bill McCullough, the former owner of Apartment Magazine, a free publication found in racks throughout Southern California.

McCullough sold Apartment Magazine six years ago to MediaNews Group, a Denver-based newspaper group. Some of the proceeds from the sale was used as startup capital for Lead Tracking Solutions, a lead tracking and lead management software solution that can be used in all industries.

"We found a need for this coming from an advertising background," McCullough said. "We had a regional company competing against national publications and needed a product that could give our clients a true ROI on their ad dollars."

Brian Maguire, who is the company's national sales director, developed Lead Tracking's software.

The program keeps tabs on potential customers responding to specific ads in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, the Internet or even people walking into an office.

The goal is to make the sales process as efficient as possible by keeping detailed logs about what's happening at every stage.

Everything from where callers saw an ad to how well a salesperson handles them is tracked so companies can refine their efforts.

For the 12 months through June, the company had a two-year growth rate of 361%, ranking No. 7 on our list.

Lead Tracking has 10 local employees and 20 overall. It plans to triple its headcount next year.

The company has a few thousand customers, which include -Irvine-based apartment company Western National Group and Fort Worth, Texas-based homebuilder D.R. Horton Inc.

Customers pay $200 to $500 a month for the software, depending on how many people use it. Users are looking to save money on advertising and close deals faster.

The software identifies someone responding to an ad using a unique phone number listed on it. It keeps tabs on calls using caller identification and tracks their progress. Companies can now know which ad dollars are working and which are not.

Companies save money by dropping accounts that didn't receive enough calls, or good enough calls, according to McCullough.

"One obvious benefit is that you don't have to say, "How did you hear about us,"" Maguire said.

Using unique number to identify where caller saw an ad has been done for some time. Using fully automated tracking throughout the process is newer territory. The software can recognize callers who block their numbers from caller ID systems, which means nobody slips through the system, according to Maguire.

"It knows your name before it even rings," he said. 

The recognition also helps salespeople better handle returning callers, who may be best handles by sales people trained for it with a different script. It also makes sure all leads are followed up. Being fully automated means ideally nothing is lost from someone misplacing a name, Maguire said.

All calls are recorded, which allows managers to better coach their sales people. "It leaves the sales people ccountable," Maguire said.

The software allows companies to match their best salespeople with the best lead sources to optimize sales. It also can be used to adjust schedules to maximize times when calls come in most. The software is curently integrated with several leading CRM softwares such as Intuit's MRI, AMSI, Yardi and others. 

Lead Tracking has some other products, including a scanner that is able to read the information off a driver's license to put into the system.

About $5 million was invested into the company, of which the majority came from McCullough and the rest from friends and family.

So far, Lead Tracking Solutions has only sold to the real estate, auto and medical companies but is rapidly expanding into other industries.

"Anyone with a sales force is prime," McCullough said.

The company's biggest challenge is managing the growth.

As for buyout offers, the company receives them. About one in every five meetings results in a buyout question, McCullough said.

September 17, 2007

Lead Tracking Solutions - Launches New Corporate Web Site.
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Newport Beach, Calif. - Lead Tracking Solutions, a chief provider of lead tracking and caller identification analytics, today announced the launch of its new corporate website at www. ltsolutions.com. The site has been completely redesigned and rebuilt to optimize its usability for customers and partners - establishing an industry-first, complete lead tracking solution.

New features include easier selection of key vertical markets to help customers understand solutions applicable to their industries, as well as the reorganization of the Solutions area, which highlights straightforward key functions.

Our customer-facing Service/Support section has also been restructured. Lead Tracking Solutions puts the answers to product support questions in customers? hands by offering Frequently Asked Questions and enabling potential customers with immediate scheduling of demonstrations.

"The reality of our business is that we are very client focused, so it is exciting to create a new website for ourselves that truly reflects who we are and what we do," states founding Lead Tracking Solutions CEO Bill McCullough. "We give our clients the ability to better serve and engage business while keeping them informed of existing and newly added enhancements to business resources and our CRM and lead tracking solutions."

Additional applications and content will continue to be rolled out on the site over the next few months.

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April 3, 2012
Lead Tracking Solutions
Yardi Acquires the PopCard
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October 20, 2008
Lead Tracking Solutions
Orange County Business Journal
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September 17, 2007
Lead Tracking Solutions
Launches New Corporate Site
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