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"Having compared all the companies in this vertical, PopCard™ positions LTS as a superior product in this space."
Maitri Johnson
Executive Vice President - Property Services
Riverstone Residential Group

"LTS is the product of the year!"
K. Bruce Webster
Regional Vice President
Lincoln Property Company

"Finally, the kind of technology and reporting we've been looking for. Now we can be truly confident in the data we are providing and the marketing recommendations we are making to our clients and ownership. LTS' PopCard™ provides us one of the best training tools for our leasing consultants. LTS' PopCard™ not only streamlines our leasing consultant's job but will help them to be more professional and successful. The LTS team has been terrific to work with from the onset. I'd recommend LTS' PopCard™ to any property management company."
Al Murphy
Vice President of Marketing
The Dolben Company

"I have a crush on the LTS product!"
Heather Campbell
VP Marketing
Riverstone Residential Group

"I used PopCard™ when I was on-site as a Leasing Agent, Assistant Manager and Business Manager, it truly is a great program. Not only does it provide where your traffic is coming from it also guides you through the follow up process step by step. As an Investment Manager I prefer to have it on my communities. It tracks the traffic for us by source but also saves so many staff hours as its ability to integrate with Yardi eliminates paper guest card and traffic sheets that need to be filled out manually and then entered into Yardi. When a client asks questions regarding cost per lease and traffic I can be confident I am providing them 100% accurate information. I would and do recommend this product to everyone."
Jahna Overcash
Senior Investment Manager

"A software solution we are using is Lead Tracking Solutions' PopCard™ product. This product streamlines the leasing process by capturing prospect [data] at the desktop and allows us to see specifically where our traffic sources from a management level. Since this product is integrated with Yardi, all prospect information is available for immediate reporting."
- [As quoted in MFE Magazine 10/07 Issue]
Ken Hodges
VP of Information Technology
Western National Property Management

"Lead Tracking Solutions' PopCard™ technology has taken our community to the next level in tracking sources and creating efficiencies on the sales floor. With over 3000 apartment homes and 25+ marketing numbers PopCard™ assists the leasing team with collecting the most accurate data electronically and the integrity of the data is full proof. In addition, the software makes training more effective with a recorded call in each guest card to insure your leasing team is painting a picture, creating urgency and asking for the sale. The management team will appreciate the extensive reporting that Lead Tracking Solutions offers as well, this year?s budget season will be a cinch when you know EXACTLY what sources made the phone ring and led to signed leases. Most importantly, the nimble nature of the team behind Lead Tracking Solutions, always listening, researching and considering possibilities to improve the software is much appreciated."
Amy Guerrero
New Business Director
Parkmerced Apartment Homes
Alliance Residential Company

"I'm JAZZED! From the initial pitch to the installation, your team has been top notch. Quickly fielding questions and answering concerns with real industry data made the decision to say "Yes" a breeze!"
Michael Harger
Vice President of Resources
CNC Investments

"PopCard™ is not only for managing leads, it's also a great tool for tracking marketing dollars. We have seen our advertising dollars decrease while occupancies increase. Our associates say, 'LTS keeps us on our toes and makes our jobs easier.'"
Jeannette Lillibridge
Vice President
Riverstone Residential Group

"It's about time someone came out with something like this. Everything that the PopCard™ does is what I have been asking for. True and accurate reporting on leasing agent performance, property positioning, marketing campaigns and much more. The PopCard™ takes all the guess work out of it."
J. Scott Morrison, CPM*
Senior Vice President
Legacy Partners Residential, Inc.

"I was impressed with the customer service I received from Lead Tracking Solutions today. It's not often that a company will visit its customers to personally troubleshoot an issue. I am sure you guys will continue to do great! Thanks for everything."
Kevin Hott
Manager of Information Services
E & S Ring Management

"It's the best accountability tool in the industry!"
Stacy Winn
Director of Marketing
Spruce Grove, Inc.

"PopCard™ is THE most effective way to track leads, audit calls, train your teams and ensure your marketing dollars are wisely spent. I would never have the ability to reach out to my teams, our market and sub markets without it. Come to think of it, how were we effectively functioning before PopCard™?"
Stacy Gianassi
Regional Portfolio Manager
GHP Management Group

"Lead Tracking Solutions has become a valuable tool for my On-site staff by assisting them to become more efficient with managing their time and their leads. In addition it has provided me with the ability to monitor and track On-site performance accurately with real time data and reporting that has streamlined my work flow. Lead Tracking Solutions, the right solution for my portfolio."
Janie Prill-Gonzalez
Regional Manager
Riverstone Residential Group

"LTS has some of the best customer service I have received in ANY industry."
Everett Wong
Marketing Manager
Douglas Emmett

"Like any property management company, we have not had too much confidence in the accuracy of our manually entered traffic data. This uncertainty has translated into untold advertising and technology dollars being spent ineffectively. Lead Tracking Solutions has taken the guess work out of this process. We can finally pinpoint our traffic resources and effectively dedicate resources where needed. Unlike standard call tracking technology, which could not tell us whether the call is a valid call or not, the LTS System tracks all of our leads automatically and lets us understand the proficiency of our staff better resulting in faster response times to training needs. The bottom line is that the Lead Tracking Solutions PopCard™ system helps us lease more apartment homes!"
Raj Makwana
Chief Financial Officer
Regent West Corp

"Lead Tracking Solutions has been one of the most beneficial resources that the community uses to follow up and track prospective residents with. There is no more questions of Where did that lead generate from or the age old 'did you follow up with that tour from this week?' Lead Tracking Solutions takes all of the guess work out and helps keep my team accountable. This has been a saving grace."
Cheryl Vigil
MG Properties

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Integrated Partners

The PopCard™ System can integrate with any SQL or Oracle-based system. We are currently integrated with other softwares such as Yardi, MRI, AMSI, and more! Ask Your sales representative for a current list.